this is going to be one busy, busy year as things start gathering pace. but make sure not to get lost in yourself as 2019 is a time for sharing, and that means more than just your netflix password. devices at home are changing to accommodate a new co-living generation, and the rise of driverless car concepts is ushering in a culture of shared mobility. all the while, users grow increasingly scared of tech giants revealing their private info.

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

it is expected that by the year 2030 almost 70% of the world’s population will live in cities
image by pujohn das

‘co-living is growing in popularity  in major cities such as london and new york, and we believe this is just the beginning,’ says space 10, IKEA’s innovation lab. according to their research, the rise of the sharing economy is opening up people’s attitudes when it comes to their most intimate spaces. ‘shared living will become increasingly attractive to millions of people as they struggle to find adequate and affordable housing in cities in the years to come’ and tech will make it possible. smart hubs, or smart mirrors that work as information points in the home, make it easier to customize a space according to multiple preferences. then there is smart locks that rid the need for a physical key and smart appliances that adapt to the preferences of each user. artificial intelligence and the internet of things has the power to completely disrupt the housing market and digital devices are helping make co-living a widespread phenomenon.

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

at the center of shared housing will be smart home hubs
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the sharing economy has attracted a great deal of attention with platforms such as airbnb and uber experiencing explosive growth. the changing landscape of mobility will dictate its evolution from here.the wheels are already in motion as we’ve already seen several firms during 2018 release concepts decked out in lounge-style interiors. look at renault’s EZ-ultimo car and the volvo 360C: no more will cars be for driving but they will become hyper-customizable, seamless extensions of living space.

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

volvo 360C: without the need to drive cars will soon become an entirely different space: maybe for working, maybe for resting, but definitely for sharing
image courtesy of volvo

human experience is at the central axis of this prediction, with experts speculating on how our relationship with cars might evolve in the coming years. ‘I believe it will become both a multi-purpose room and a very specific room,’ mentioned ren yeehead of innovation strategy & forecasting at UNSense and UNStudio, while discussing how a car may look in the future. given the possibility to attach certain add-ons, or alter its interior to allow various forms of activity to take place, the car might be able to transform from a workout space to a mobile office, and anything in between.

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

renault’s EZ-ultimo: a concept imagining luxurious interiors for driverless cars of the future
image courtesy of renault

in reference to becoming a ‘very specific room,’ yee explains that ‘genomics are able to read your DNA, understand your specific needs and provide a service only for you – so in this case it becomes very specific because it tailors to you.’ examples of that might include measurements of how much oxygen the user needs, or how much light. ‘it’s not that complex for it to happen, the issue is about data privacy, it is whether I want this information to be given from a sensor of a room to a sensor of a car provider.’

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

telehuman 2: a ring of intelligent projectors mounted above and around a retro-reflective, human-size cylindrical pod make teleportation almost a reality
images courtesy of human media lab

don’t worry if your more of an insular individual. this evolution is counterbalanced by a shift in the definition of presence. they are the mainstay of any sci-fi movie, hologram devices are being tinkered with behind the scenes. star trek’s ‘holodeck’ became a reality earlier this year, with the ability to translate 3D images and the potential to transform video calls forever. not just useful in demonstrating concepts remotely, holograms have the potential to change the entertainment industry altogether. in 2012 tupac appeared at coachella; this year michael jackson showed up at the billboard awards; and next year amy winehouse will go on tour. thanks to hologram technology artists who are no longer alive have the chance to come back to life, and they are!

designboom TECH predictions 2019: prepare to share everything

dead celebrities reincarnated as holograms are big business now and in the future
image via wired

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dec 27, 2018

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