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How to Import HTML Email Template from Postcards to Convertkit.

Hey guys! Welcome to a new video tutorial where we’ll learn about how to upload a customized email newsletter to Convertkit. In this tutorial, we’ll use Postcards to build a customized email template and Convertkit to send an email to subscribers.

Ok, let’s get started.

Open Postcards, I have prepared this email newsletter for subscribers. First, I will insert the required “unsubscribe variable” into my newsletter. The variable is located in the footer of the newsletter. I have inserted it right here, and it will be converted by Convertkit to an unsubscribe link. You can find more variables right here on Convertkit.

Let’s move forward and I will show you how to use this customized email template on this service. Open the Convertkit website and click “Account settings” located in the menu here. Now click “Email templates”, here you will have the list of all your email templates. Click the “New email template” button to create a new email. Give a name to your email and below I will insert the HTML template. On this page you have the full list of variables you can use.

Because Convertkit doesn’t host images, I will show you how to upload images to Amazon S3 and use them for email campaigns. Also, you can upload images to any location or service you want, the important step is to change the URL to these images in the Postcards App. Ok, here’s how I do it. Open the Amazon S3 website and click the Upload button, drag and drop the images in this manner and wait. The images are hosted on Amazon’s server. Remember you can use any service to host images. Now, choose all of the images and click the Actions button, choose “Make public” so your images can be shared. Click on the logo image and copy the link to the image. Continue by opening the Postcards app and edit the first module. Here in the right sidebar choose Direct URL and paste the copied link. Ok, my image is loaded directly from the Amazon server. Follow the same procedure for the second image. The second image is an animated image, these type of images and animations look attractive in email newsletters. Continue by uploading the rest of images in the footer. These images are social media images. Done, all these images will be loaded from Amazon S3.

Now, export the email template from the Postcards App, unarchive the downloaded archive and open the index.html in your favorite text editor. Select and copy the entire code, open Convertkit and paste the copied code right here. Click Preview Layout to look at the email before you send it. The email newsletter looks good, exactly how it looks in Postcards, now save the template so it can be used in campaigns.

I hope you liked this video and it was useful for you, subscribe to our channel for new videos and I hope to see you next time.

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