crochet is making a comeback. it’s touted as the must have textile for 2019 and with many celebrities donning the knotted fabric it’s no wonder that its become a source of inspiration for arts and crafters everywhere. last month we showed you an anatomically correct skeleton by artist shanell papp, only yesterday an 11-year-old went viral for his crochet creations, and now finnish crochet artist liisa hietanen has caught headlines for her life-size replicas of her family and friends.

hietanen, who has been knitting since she was ten, creates replicas of her fellow villagers in hämeenkyrö, finland. first, she has her subjects measured, before posing for a photograph which she studies to create the sculpture. she then forms a base using metal armatures to make frames for the models. finally, she covers them in a combination of crafting techniques with each piece taking months to complete. the result? figures with an uncanny, life-like quality.

images courtesy of the artist

[the approaches are] continuous and present and allows a portrait to slowly find its character,’ hietanen explains in an artist statement.I meet the same familiar strangers every day on the street and our common world is the size of a small village. I am depicting the present moment by portraying my own surroundings, but at the same time I am bringing out something common to us all.’

kieron marchese I designboom

feb 07, 2019

Source : designboom


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