communication & creative design office beetroot has created the visual identity for ypsilon, a multifunctional space that combines a café, bar, restaurant and art space in thessaloniki, greece. occupying a neoclassical building of the 19th century in the city’s lively valaoritou area, the light-filled space has been renovated by the in-house team with minimal interventions and great attention to its existing qualities, while the bold graphics found in various spatial elements add to the uniqueness of the project.eccentric rooster stars in beetroot's identity for greek multifunctional space ypsilonimages courtesy of beetroot & ypsilon

primarily based in thessaloniki, but with offices in athens and london too, beetroot works within a vast range of creative fields with a multidisciplinary team that pushes the boundaries of communication design. for ypsilon, a space that is in constant flux according to the events it hosts on a daily basis– from parties, to concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops etc. –  they have created a logo and three-weight custom font that brings consistency across all visual platforms in a distinct, notable way. designboom talked to the beetroot team to find out more about their work, ypsilon, and the process behind creating its visual identity.

designboom (DB): can you tell us a few words about the studio and the kind of work you do?

beetroot (B): we are a design team stubbornly based in thessaloniki, greece, whose primary focus is communication design; but what we actually want is to change the world. our creative mission is to discover, develop and utilize the true essence of an idea, service or product and then grow and expand it to something stronger that becomes recognized, appreciated and praised all around the globe. our multidisciplinary team offers a diverse skill set collection that will answer to a variety of needs.

eccentric rooster stars in beetroot's identity for greek multifunctional space ypsilon

DB: where do you draw your references from?

B: literally from everywhere. we believe that, being on a 24/7 observation mode is a part of a designer’s life. in order to suggest something new, we have to understand how the old works. the chaotic yet practical design of nature fascinates us. history and politics, new technology, arts and culture, music, sports, cooking, everyday life and social interactions are just a few of our stimulants. we are humbled by the greatness that surrounds us and deeply inspired by it.

DB: is there an overall aesthetic you aim for as a studio, or is every project different?

B: our design approach is like a genetic code: a strict set of rules ready to mutate, evolve, and adapt according to their environment, in order to sustain and prosper. as we grow we become more precise and focused to a philosophy that keeps our work coherent although visually nothing we create “looks” or “feels” like anything else we did in the past or will do in the future. we are a team whose work is the result of an organic blend of different backgrounds, approaches and personalities.

eccentric rooster stars in beetroot identity for greek multifunctional space ypsilon

DB: ypsilon is more than another bar. can you briefly describe its different functions, and the specific demands of the space in terms of signage, graphic identity, and communication strategy?

B: ypsilon resides in a renovated neoclassical building of the 19th century, where, besides entertaining, it aims to inform, educate and push the envelope in all cultural fields. its goal is to connect creative groups and individuals as well as a wider audience. concerts, performances, gastronomy, art installations, talks and workshops are some of the events someone can come across there. as they say, they just want to make the world a little crazier.

the logo represents a rooster who is both man and woman. inspired by the old bronze coats that adorned the doors or the winds of old houses, the bold visual identity of the space unifies the past with the present, the male with the female, the fantastic with the real, the serious with the comic, creating a hospitable environment for new ideas. a three-weight custom font was designed to enhance consistency across all visual platforms and to further differentiate the image of ypsilon from anyone else.

eccentric rooster stars in beetroot's identity for greek multifunctional space ypsilon


project info:

name: ypsilon

graphic designer: beetroot

location: edessis 5, thessaloniki, greece

sofia lekka angelopoulou I designboom

feb 11, 2019

Source : designboom


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