Emulsion Magazine by Our Place Studio

Designed by London-based Our Place Studio in collaboration with Michael Opie O’Grady, Emulsion Magazine is a new publication celebrating innovative art and culture.

“Artist Louis Morlet came up with the idea for Emulsion in the spring of 2018. He wanted to develop an art-zine to promote the works of emerging artists and musicians alongside more established creatives. Realising the potential to grow the project into something bigger, Morlet approached co-founder Michael Opie O’Grady, who has a background in design and print, to give art direction to the publication. Londoners Morlet and Opie O’Grady are friends who grew up together sharing a fascination in the acceleration and intensification of globalised culture.

The first issue features artist interviews, photography, fashion, music, original artworks and opinions from:

Alessia Gunawan, Antonia Marsh, Eden Chau-Morrow, Ida Ekblad, James Lincoln, Jonathan Castro, Kelman Duran, Lorenzo Senni, Madeleine Morlet, Marc Dall, Mark Leckey, Stelarc, Tali Lennox, Theo Chin, Toxe, Wilson Oryema and William Berington”

More graphic design Emulsion Magazine

Branding Graphic Design Print Design Typography Posted on February 11, 2019Source : theinspirationgrid


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