It doesn’t take much work to find free icon sets online. While they’re useful, they aren’t always the best option for finding specific icons. That’s where free icon resource sites can help.

These websites curate icons based on license (Creative Commons or premium/commercial). Below I’ve curated a nice list for anyone who wants to quickly find specific CC icons on the web.



If you spend any time searching for icons, then you’re bound to stumble upon Iconfinder. This is the premier destination for any icon you could ever need.

It operates like a search engine, where you type in an icon style or glyph (like “magnifying glass” for a search icon). You’ll then see results with a mix of commercial and free options.

But if you look deeper into the search settings, you can filter the results to view just free or just paid options. You can also set the icon sizes and a few other search criteria.

No doubt that Iconfinder is the best place to start if you’re looking for free icons. If the icon is out there online, Iconfinder has it indexed.

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