a 1986 mitsubishi delica, an LMP chassis, a judd 5.5L V10, PRADA, KODAK, a slew of aerodynamic parts and other sponsors all walk into a vegas bar. they get tipsy, marry, and have a 5500cc misfit child weighing in at 1240kg — the RWD REDUX track car, dreamed up by crazy concept breeder, ian galvin. ian likes when people show up to trackday with inappropriate vehicles, so he designed one of the sharpest, cleanest spare-part-ebay-babies a track could ever shake beneath.

mitsubishi delica
all images courtesy of ian galvin

‘RWD REDUX is a ‘lightly’ modified 1986 mitsubishi delica,’ jokes ian galvinyes, these hypothetical mods may hypothetically demolish the production car track record, but ian didn’t wed this toxic relationship of badass parts for glory or first place trophies. his baby was designed to simply turn heads. imagine the rubbernecking, the choking on coffee, the laughter from other competitors as they see this 11/10 misfit roll up. 

mitsubishi delica

car concept clickbait or not, you gotta hand it to ian for the vintage nurburgring adverts, full of technicolorful vigor. oh, and for good ole narcissistic fun: note the secret messages these imaginary sponsors imply. PRADA? KODAK? luxurious. sexy. take a picture. it lasts longer.

mitsubishi delica

mitsubishi delicamitsubishi delicamitsubishi delicamitsubishi delicamitsubishi delicamitsubishi delica

zach andrews I designboom

mar 16, 2019

Source : designboom


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