paris-based artist, vincent leroy, brings technical design into the world of luxury with his new hermès scarf pattern. adopting an original approach, the designer has fused the worlds of textiles and mechanics together. the basis of the design comes from one of leroy’s own sculptures entitled ‘slow echo.’ using the components of rods, plates, screws, nuts and motors which make up the sculpture, leroy has brought them together to create a singular spacial universe on the 2D fabric.

view of the whole scarf

all images © vincent leroy and © hermès

the components are arranged by leroy to appear as if they are floating in space. drawn in perspective, the elements and lines make for an endless world of nuts and bolts. the concept by the designer was to make even a simple nut an object of curiosity and desire, and by highlighting each and every screw, the pattern somehow achieves this goal. what was merely the mechanics of a sculpture is transformed into a dream-like world of objects.

the mechanical pieces appear to be flying in space

by combining his own technical universe with the refined fabrics of hermès , leroy has created an unusual, yet striking pattern. the design takes leave from the traditional motifs adopted by the luxury french brand to form a new and unique scarf. available in a range of colors, the scarf will be presented in hermès shop around the world for the spring summer 2019 collection.

the incredible combination of textile and mechanical elements

detail of the new pattern

the scarf pattern in dark blue

leroy’s design in red

the variety of colorways

the starting point of the design, the sculpture: ‘slow echo’ by vincent leroy

the sculpture ‘slow echo’ with all the mechanical components and mechanisms

the components of the sculpture become the pattern of the scarf

project info:

project type: scarf pattern design

design: vincent leroy for hermès

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom

Source : designboom


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