mania – the blindsided obsession, the fixation driven almost to the point of madness that serve as apt descriptors for our culture of blind materialism today. this culturally critical idea is the theme defined by HYPEBEAST magazine for its commemorative 25th edition, which explores different facets of fixation, from sneaker customization to the concentration of craftsmen. for the issue’s cover, HYPEBEAST tapped artist takashi murakami — known for his vibrant and vivid amalgamation of various aspects of japanese visual culture — to create one of his instantly recognizable works. each edition is wrapped in a resealable box that comes in three, murakami-designed colorways.

in the ‘mania’ issue, HYPEBEAST explores everything from careers that require decades of intense concentration — like chefs, craftsmen, artists, and athletes — to disciplines situated at the epicenter of societal obsession, like video games and football. features include interviews with cover artist murakami, delving into his journey in becoming one of the most prolific contemporary artists working today; joe holder, trainer to the likes of virgil abloh and heron preston, revealing his personalized vision for modern wellness; shun hirose, of japanese atelier recouture, offering rich insight into the meticulous craft, and craze, of sneaker customization; and an exclusive lookbook for HYPEBEAST magazine from rockstar games, demonstrating the immersive virtual worlds of its wildly popular games.

‘this issue is not only a nod to the collecting and coveting habits that most hypebeasts have now honed to perfection, it’s also a tribute to the creators who make it possible,’ HYPEBEAST announces. ‘why do we desire a certain shoe or T-shirt? it may not be worth the 2-day lineup – or it might – but the real marvel here are the ones capable of making us act this way. you can say that we’re here for it, obviously.’

get your issue of HYPEBEAST magazine issue 25: the mania issue on, and available soon at select fashion retailers, newsstands and bookstores around the world. visit HYPEBEAST’s site dedicated to the issue to read more about what’s inside this special edition publication.

nina azzarello I designboom

apr 25, 2019

Source : designboom


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