from alternative fuelled engines to connectivity and from artificial intelligence to autonomous driving, new technologies are revolutionizing the future of mobility, but how will this affect issues such as safety, privacy and even reliability? at SHIFT automotive 2019, global insight and ideas will explore how innovations can change the way we think, live and drive. the convention and curated exhibition is held at messe berlin during IFA 2019, from september 10-11.

if you are curious about mobility as well as consumer electronics, find out how to participate in the festival, here.

all images courtesy of SHIFT automotive

SHIFT automotive is adamant that the future of mobility is about humans, not technology. driving will remain a lifestyle experience but innovations will help reduce complexities and improve accessibility. held at IFA, the event unites international thinkers, engineers, designers and brands from both the automotive and consumer electronics industries. together, it looks to explore the challenges as well as opportunities ahead.

the two-day convention is more than a traditional trade show. it is not only for the first-adopters who are ready to try new products and concepts of mobility; SHIFT automotive aims to identify new technologies and policies to help earn consumer trust. SHIFT automotive presents innovation, inspiration and insights through expert talks, panels, discussions and networking whilst a curated exhibition allows brands to showcase and exemplify ideas.

co-innovation is key to SHIFT automotive but, most importantly, the future of mobility itself. the event unites like-minded people from all over the world with backgrounds in engineering, design and policy making, for example. to join the discussions and be part of our dynamically changing driving experience, find out more, here.

IFA is the world’s most significant technology trade show for consumer and home electronics taking place september 6-11, 2019 in berlin.

convention info:

name: SHIFT automotive

event: IFA berlin

location: messe berlin

dates: 10-11 september, 2019

Source : designboom


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