over forty artists and designers were asked to create a chair for an exhibition in new york. entitled ‘the chair’, it explores the essential piece of furniture as an indication for the ever-changing history of design.

‘the chair’ presents 48 different chair designs
images courtesy of the future perfect

the exhibition is on show at the future perfect in new york, a contemporary design gallery distinguished for its showcases of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. offering plenty of diversity, ‘the chair’ brings together 48 designs from an international roster of artists and designers, including martino gamper, ewe studio, kelly wearstler, and floris wubben.

the future gallery issued each designer with a brief to create a single chair of their own imagination

the chair’s elemental simplicity makes it the perfect canvas for designers and artists; it’s a staple that offers endless potential for experimentation, from the ascetic to the audacious,’ explains the future perfect’s founder, david alhadeff.

for centuries, the chair has symbolized the life and times of designers and consumers, and whilst their purpose has never changed, as art and architecture has evolved, the way they look has. the only thing that remains the same, is their ability to capture the signature style of the person who designed it.

round & square chair (pink) by martino gamper

we asked each artist to create a single one-of-a-kind chair that embodies who they are as an artist and maker. the results are overwhelming and extremely personal,’ adds laura young, the future perfect gallery director.

the final line-up ranges from fully functional examples to pieces of pure art and sculpture. italian designer martino gamper presents a chair from his round & square collection, while floris wubben is exhibiting a pastel green and off white piece cast in ceramic.

chris wolston is showing an anthropomorphic chair handcrafted with african wicker, riffing on the iconic shape of the plastic remax chair which ubiquitous in colombia. brooklyn-based designer fernando mastrangelo presents ‘drift chair’, an evolution of his sculptural collection inspired by glaciers and natural earth formations.

kelly wearstler demonstrates how two materials known for their strength and rigidity can become one. the american designer is exhibiting a handcrafted piece of burnished brass which bends and breaks through a solid block of julian jade.

other pieces include a design which utilizes a single line that undulates in 10 curving movements, designed by detroit-based designer ara thorose, and two canine-inspired ceramics by california-based artist katie kimmel. all of the selected works are available to buy through the future perfect.

‘the chair’ runs until 31 may at the future perfect’s flagship new york gallery, located on 55 great jones street. founded by david alhadeff in 2003, the future perfect gallery first opened in a west village townhouse, which doubled as alhadeff’s own home. he later opened spaces in san francisco and los angeles.

kieron marchese I designboom

may 24, 2019

Source : designboom


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